Privacy Statement


Turtle Beach Studio is 100% committed to protecting the privacy and online safety of your child or anyone else using the MathCam app.  A guiding principle has always been to provide a safe, engaging, interactive environment where your child's (and your own) privacy has the utmost respect.


MathCam does not prompt for, request or collect the personal information of your child or anyone using it.

MathCam does not access any of your data, such as contacts or photos, on your iOS device or in iCloud.

MathCam does have an in-app purchase available to unlock unlimited access to features.


MathCam does not collect, track or share location or any other metadata information.

MathCam does not use any 3rd party analytics services.


There are no external links to the internet or websites in MathCam.

There are no ads in MathCam. 

The Turtle Beach Studio website has a Contact page that asks for your name and email address when contacting us, and is used only by us to correspond with you. Your email address is never given, sold or shared with anyone else.

When visiting the Turtle Beach Studio website, the IP address may be used to analyze trends in the site and is for internal use only. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information.

If you have any questions please do let us know via the Contact page. Thank you!