MathCam App

Helps you solve basic math problems by using your iPhone camera.


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solves math problems

Hold your iPhone or iPad so the View Finder is over a math problem...

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in the blink of an eye

 ... and MathCam magically shows you the answer with detailed, color coded step-by-step instructions to solve it!

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 Solution steps are shown. Tap through each color coded step to get to the answer.

• Works on Order of Operations problems (PEMDAS / BODMAS)
• Works on Mean, Mode, Median & Range problems
• Works on Multiply, Divide, Subtract & Addition problems
• Works with math problems from paper, workbooks, and directly from computer and device screens
• Works with single line or multiple line math problems
• Works with powers and exponents
• Works with factorials
• Works with whole numbers and decimal numbers

MathCam View Finder
• Double-Tap anywhere on screen to change View Finder size and shape
• Drag the View Finder around the screen to scan another problem
• Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to pause scanning

Pop quiz:
What is 9 / 1.5 + 4 x 3 ?
What is the mean, mode, median & range of 2, 6, 7, 3, 5, 1, 3, 5 ?

MathCam can scan these and give the answer in less time than it takes you to read them.


That's fantastic! - Andrew B. 

Where were you when I was learning math? - Dahlia S.

Oh, how clever! I like how it does the steps. - Helen L.

Cool. My mom would really like that. - Emily M.

Now that's just amazing. - Sarah P.

Oh neat, excellent! - Paul J.

Cool. Very cool. - Michael P.

So cool that you use the device's camera to teach and solve math!! This is really impressive how you can step through each math problem at your own pace to see how it is done! - Leslie P.