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MathCam solves math problems using your iPhone camera.

MathCam for iPhone and iPad

MathCam. Solve math problems using your iPhone camera. Works with iPad and iPod too.

The super easy way to solve your math problems! Hold your iPhone or iPad over a math problem and MathCam shows you the answer, step-by-step.

"That's fantastic!" - Andrew B. 
"Where were you when I was learning math?" - Dahlia S.
"Oh, how clever! I like how it does the steps." - Helen L.
"Cool. My mom would really like that." - Emily M.
"Now that's just amazing." - Sarah P.
"Oh neat, excellent!" - Paul J.
"Cool. Very cool." - Michael P.
"So cool that you use the device's camera to teach and solve math!! This is really impressive how you can step through each math problem at your own pace to see how it is done!" - Leslie P.

Q & A

What is MathCam?

MathCam is an iOS app that solves math problems simply by 'looking' at them. It uses the built in camera of an iOS device to scan a math problem from a text book, printed sheet, computer screen or even another iOS device. It then displays the math problem and its answer. You can also step through the solution to see how the operations are done.

Does it access my photo library?

No, not at all. The camera is only used to scan the math problem. Once you see the solution appear, the image is discarded. It is never saved, copied, transferred to the cloud or anything like that.

How fast is it?

MathCam can capture a math problem and display its answer in less than a second.

Does it access the internet?

No. All image capture and processing is done on your device. It does NOT send your data off to some server for processing. It even works with your device in Airplane Mode.

What kind of math problems can it solve?

Currently, the basic math problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication and long division can be scanned and the step-by-step solutions displayed. Other math problems with mixed operators or trigonometry currently show only the answer. Future updates are planned to include mean, mode, and median problems, percentages, and a graphing function for trig problems.

Can it solve handwritten problems?

Sometimes. But you need have neat handwriting! MathCam is designed to recognize printed text math problems. Here is a PDF file of some example math problems you can print out to use with MathCam.